Technical Capabilities
Technical Capabilities

Mil-Spec Industries is a leading global provider of technology products and solutions to Defense, Commercial, Security and related markets. Mil-Spec Industries has the capabilities to ensure all projects receive the necessary support to be completed on time.

Engineering Expertise: : from new technology development to systems engineering and integration, engineering personnel provide the necessary knowledge for solving both simple and complex issues in a range of areas such as Chemicals, Explosives, Ordnance and Aerospace Components & Systems, Surveillance and Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems, Military Equipment, Law Enforcement products and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) products and solutions.

Program Control: from inception to completion, each program utilizes resources from all company departments. To assure all customer requirements are met, cross functional coordination is managed and involves Quality, Engineering and the Contracts Administrator.

Quality Control: Mil-Spec Industries operates as an ISO 9001:2008 organization and, as such, incorporates the tools necessary for the evaluation of technical performance and controlling schedules. Project Management procedures and ISO 9001:2008 operating methods result in accurate records which reflect actual versus scheduled program progress.


Mil-Spec Industries joint production facility aim to enhance and grow the technology and production of special pyrotechnic devices. We specialize in providing difficult-to-produce pyrotechnic compositions.

We offer a wide variety of explosive and pyrotechnic compositions in powder, free-flowing granular, and pellet forms.

Delay compositions include Manganese, Tungsten, Zirconium/Nickel and Boron/Barium Chromate formulations. Burning rates range from 0.025 to 42 seconds per inch.

Ignition Compositions include A-1A Gasless Ignition Powder, MTV Boron/Barium Chromate and Boron Potassium Nitrate (BKNO3). Other standard compositions include, but not limited to various tracer compositions and others developed to customer specifications.

Many other materials are pelletized, including PBXN-5, Black Powder and various RDX compositions. Assemblies and loaded devices are also part of our capabilities and product line. They include Delay Cartridges, Tracers, Boosters, Leads, Fuzes, Explosive Fittings, Igniters, Rocket Igniters, and Components for consumable ammunition.

Loading and Assembly capability ranges from small quantities of special development units to a million or more production units, manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 and/or SPC controls.

Pelleting Presses can produce pellets in many configurations with diameters from 1/16 to 3 ½ inches (1.58 to 88.9 mm).

Quality Assurance is our 1st priority. Our offered pyrotechnic materials have demonstrated specific advantages over those processed solely to U.S. military specifications. They include: · Improved flow characteristics and integrity of mix
· Superior properties of the consolidated material
· More consistency
· Better batch-to-batch reproducibility
· Ease and versatility of loading

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